Diasporas Conflicts Diversities/ USA Brazil And The Rest Of The Americas

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Diasporas Conflicts Diversities/ USA Brazil And The Rest Of The Americas

Horário: 6 janeiro 2012 a 18 janeiro 2012
Local: Georgia-USA
Cidade: Marietta, GA 30064 ·
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Telefone: (877) 430-7769 - (877) 430-7769
Tipo de evento: lancamento, de, livro
Organizado por: DIP Publishing
Última atividade: 6 Jan, 2012

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Diasporas Conflicts Diversities (USA, Brazil and the Rest of the Americas) author Ivan de Oliveira (Synopsis Literary)

Diásporas, Conflitos e Diversidades leva o leitor através de uma viagem inesquecível nos conflitos sociais das Americas Sul e do Norte, muito bem documentada pelo Autor Ivan De Oliveira.
Nascido no Brasil, Ivan conta uma história convincente de desafios, triunfos e relacionamentos, ao mesmo tempo expondo as verdades em toda América.

Chapter 1

March 24th 2:45 A.M.
The entire staff crowds into a small room located only a few steps away from the laundry. There were two tables, a few chairs and a seat taken from a van to serve as a couch. Exactly, at 2:50 a.m. the annoyed supervisor arrives. She enters the room greeting everybody with good morning, they answered in unison, looking at her with forced admiration and wonder. Immediately a few employees, speculating what would happen today, positioned themselves in a row facing the time clock. Once punched in they were still required to sign into the control book. Everyone then walks over to the laundry where the "Chief" awaits. The supervisor, whose name was Augusta, was a very tall and skinny northeastern Brazilian, about 49 years of age. She had received the order from the Housekeeping Department to organize and manage the laundry, which was previously overseen by a Mexican woman who failed to perform her duties up to standard. The laundry was equipped with five washers, six dryers, one folding machine and two large ironing mechanisms. A team of seven people per shift worked seven hours each day to accommodate the hotel’s four hundred and fifty suites, two large restaurants and nightclub.
Augusta begins the meeting by looking each staff member in the eyes, making clear that she was not there to play games. Her attitude was not that of supervisor, but rather a prison inspector conducting a shakedown following an unruly chain of events. She begins roll call:
"Luis Cesar, Nestor, Valdomira, Lupita, Obdulia, Anthony and Minervina."
As each person’s name is called they acknowledge with a gentle shake of their name tags penned neatly upon their chests. Augusta knew everyone's name from her long time working as an ordinary housekeeper. Once finished with the roll call she faces Anthony, who was helping himself to a snack and beverage, with hardness in her eyes.
"Anthony, you know that it is not permitted to eat and drink in this facility!"
Anthony was a genuine American, calm and always in excellent humor. Like the majority of the Americans, Anthony was accustomed to a morning cup of pick-me-up, taking careful sips of his coffee as he prepared himself both mentally and physically to work. To add insult to injury, it was previously acceptable for employees to enjoy a steamy cup of coffee before shifts. Calmly, Anthony walks to the sink and pours every drop of his morning joe down the drain. I can only imagine the cultural violation he must have felt. Augusta concludes the meeting by giving some warnings to the small group of workers, specifically regarding the production standards and frequent accidents during the workday. Then she directed her attention to me.
“Luis Cesar…” Perking up I looked in anticipation. “What is "The value of the day?" Thinking that I have to think quickly I answer;

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